“Grippit is particularly useful for children who have weak hand posture and thumb stability so that they tend to hold the pencil in a tight lateral tripod grip, i.e. use base of the thumb."

"The Grippit will help to reduce the over-fixation of adduced thumb and increase the web-space for better distal finger movement for writing. It is also useful to facilitate the transition from a digital-palmar grasp to tripod pencil grip for younger children, i.e. from a four-finger grip to the use of the first three fingers to form a dynamic tripod grip. Besides children with weak hand muscles, I found that the Grippit is particularly useful for children with arthritis. It helps to reduce the pressure on the small finger joints to that they can do writing for a much longer period of time without experiencing fatigue as before."

"For some children with poor wrist extension or flexed wrist, they tend to hold the pencil with the top pointing away from the body. The angle adjustment of the Grippit can help these children to hold the pencil with appropriate tilting so that they can place the tip of the pencil at a better angle for writing. With the simultaneous use of hand/finger strengthening exercises, the Grippit can help to bridge the gap between a lateral tripod grip to a dynamic tripod grip.”

- Dr. Sidney Chu, Community Occupational Therapy Service Co-ordinator

“In the past therapists made individual writing splints from a thermoplastic material. The process was time consuming for both the therapist and the patient. The thermoplastic splints were cumbersome to put on, ugly and thus emphasised ”disability”. A number of tetraplegic patients have tried the Grippit with much success, thus enabling independent writing for patients who would otherwise have found this activity a very difficult process."

"I am left handed, so I was very pleased to hear that the Grippit can be twisted to become left handed. Although I doubted it at first, I found it to be true. We have found that, by bending and twisting the Grippit it can fit most sizes, and appears reasonably priced.”

- Shelly Turner, Occupational Therapist, Yorkshire Spinal Injuries Unit

“I am a Pre-5 Learning Support Service teacher working with children with special needs. I have used the Grippit with one child whose fine motor skills are problematic. This delay causes immature grip when using pencil/paint brush etc. I have found the Grippit useful in this case; the child immediately placed his fingers in the proper manner. This resulted in a huge smile and an effective piece of pre-writing.”

- Ann Woodward, Department of Education Pre-5 Learning Support, North Lanarkshire Council

"We have examined the new grip aid and consider it to be one of the most effective writing implements.”

- Disabled Trust For Scotland

“The product is ideal for teaching children of 3 years and above who do not have the dexterity to hold a pen or pencil.”

- Jean McCrae, Primary School Teacher

“A number of our pupils have benefited from the use of The Grippit in our Support Base. These are pupils who have developed a poor grip of a pencil and have difficulty producing consistent and legible handwriting. The Grippit has enabled us to encourage better control of their pencil resulting in a vast improvement in handwriting. Pupils find it both supportive and comfortable to use – teachers like it because it helps motivate pupils to improve their handwriting!”

- Stuart Munro, Principal Teacher Inclusion, Castlemilk High School


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