The Grippit: the Grippit can be used on any utensil that has a thin handle such as paintbrushes or toothbrushes.



It is not uncommon for some children to need help writing at an early age and rather than simply having to practice more for their hand writing to improve, there can often be other external factors involved which slows the development in which the child learns to write.

The grippit provides an easy stepping stone for children or in some cases, an easy answer to the slow development that some children are faced with


Handwriting problems in children can affect their confidence and self-esteem, especially when children take longer to write, don’t finish school work as quickly as their peers or begin to fall behind during class. This can not only affect their progress in school but it can alter how they approach their education as they feel discouraged from participating in writing exercises.

When handwriting problems are brought on by medical conditions such as hypermobility, it can be difficult or painful for a child to write. Even before learning to write, very young children can be denied the pleasure of simple scribbles however the grippit often provides an easy alternative and allows the child to express themselves without any difficulties.


For children who find it very difficult or painful to write, notepad computers with voice recognition software can ease their frustration. Although effective, this approach is expensive and may not be practical for the younger children to use every day, all day.

This method also overlooks one crucial factor, the child loses the fundamental attribute of writing itself. Voice recognition technology avoids the problem of writing altogether while the grippit allows the child to see developments in the skill of writing.


The Grippit is a small device that attaches to a variety of writing tools such as pens, pencils, felt tip pens & slim crayons. The variety of writing utensils the Grippit can work with consequently allows children to write, draw or colour with no restrictive boundaries.

Specifically designed with children being the focal point, the Grippit helps with handwriting and can be used with either hand. With the Grippits unique patented design & by attaching to the writing utensil itself, it provides a cost effective solution to developing your child’s writing skill.

The Grippit is supplied in easy to open clam pack of three; one each of a small, medium and large.

International postage is available.

The Grippit, a dynamic writing aid
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